Frequently Asked Questions

When do the cinema doors open?
Our foyer and auditorium are usually open 1 hour before the advertised screening time. The auditorium will always be open a minimum of 30 minutes before the advertised screening time.

What if I arrive early?
Don’t worry if you arrive early for your screening. We have a foyer area serving tea and coffee, sweets and snacks and we also have a fully licensed bar which serves from 12noon with very reasonable prices.

I’ve heard that your cinema is on the 4th floor, do you have a lift?
Yes there is a lift in the ground floor reception area of Leigh Spinners Mill. This will take you to all floors in the building including the 4th where our cinema is located.

Do you accept the UK Cinema Association CEA card?
Yes we are happy to welcome a disabled customer presenting this card. The card entitles a companion or carer to attend free of charge to assist a disabled customer. At the moment, these can only be accepted in person at the ticket booth for face to face bookings.

Are mobile phones allowed in the auditorium?
We ask customers not to use a mobile phone or similar electronic device in the auditorium. Ideally we ask that you turn the device off before the film starts but at minimum, put the device into silent mode. In a cinema auditorium, the screens of these devices appear very bright and distracting to other cinema goers and they spoil the collective cinema experience for everyone.

If someone repeatedly uses one of these devices, they may be asked to stop doing so by one of our ushers but if they continue to use the device after warnings, they will be ejected from the screening without a refund.

We also have to be vigilant against film piracy. We check film screenings throughout a performance for recording devices.

Does the film start immediately on its screening time?
We aim to start all our film screenings promptly on their advertised start time but we do show a short trailer package before each film which typically lasts between 7 to 10 minutes.

Please also note that our cinema is a short 5-10 minute walk from the car park at Leigh Spinners Mill. Please remember that our cinema is on the 4th floor of the building.

Where is your ticket booth?
Our tickets booth is situated just inside the doors of our cinema entrance on the 4th floor of the Mill.

What do your tickets cost?
Our adult tickets cost £8.00, child tickets for age 14 and under cost £5.00.

Do you have a student rate?
Yes, students aged over 15 can purchase a reduced student rate ticket upon presentation of a valid Student ID card. This ticket costs £5.

A studentd ID card is an identification card that includes information such as name, date of birth, photo, card validity date and the name of the academic institution you attend.

If booking online you must bring your Student ID with you when you attend the screening. Student rates will not be available for all screenings.

Do I need to print physical tickets before I come to a screening?
In the interests of doing our bit to save the planet, you don't need to bring printed tickets to our screenings. You will receive emails from Ticketsource which will contain either a QR code and/or a text code. We can use either of those at the ticket booth when you arrive.

I'm not sure whether I can bring my child to a 12A certificated screening, can you help?
You can read all the British Board of Film Classification age ratings by clicking this link.

Any Leigh Film Factory staff and/or volunteers may ask to see a suitable form of ID to confirm the age of a customer.

I’ve changed my mind, can I get a refund?
All of our tickets are non-refundable.

Can I reserve seats?
Yes you can reserve seats but you will have to pay for them on arrival at the ticket booth in our foyer or online before the screening takes place.

Can I use an e-cigarette in your cinema?
No, all smoking of any type, including vaping or the use of e-cigarettes is strictly prohibited in both our foyer and the cinema auditorium. Anyone ignoring this rule will be asked to leave our premises without a refund.

Can I choose where I sit?
Yes you can choose where you sit in the auditorium when you book online or in house at the ticket booth.

A member of my family suffers from APD (auditory processing disorder). Are your screenings APD friendly?
Yes we have several sets of "sensory headphones" for people with noise sensitivity or other sensory conditions. Please ask at the ticket booth on arrival or contact us ahead of the screening that you attending. We loan these free of charge.

Can I bring my own Food and Drinks to the cinema?
Unfortunately, only food and drinks purchased from ourselves is allowed in the foyer and/or the auditorium.

Do you sell Popcorn?
Yes, we sell sealed packets of popcorn in three flavours at our bar.

Where can I get information about upcoming films and events?
Our website holds details of our full programme of screenings together with information about each film, links to trailers and you can also sign up to our mailing list from there. You can also find information across our social media on Facebook, Instagram and X (formerly Twitter).

We also print a simple flyer, which is usually available on the ticket booth, which details the next two months or so of film screenings. This is ideal for being pinned on a fridge door with a magnet.

Can I bring a baby to the cinema?
We currently don’t allow under 2’s into the auditorium. We plan to start as parents and baby morning screenings. Check our website for more details coming soon.

Do you have a bar?
Yes, Leigh Film Factory has a fully licensed bar open at all screenings from 12noon. We are happy for you to take drinks and snacks purchased on our premises into the auditorium.

Do you take requests for films?
Yes, we have a suggestions box and a feedback form to write them on. We can’t promise to screen every suggested film but we will always listen to our audience.

How can I send in feedback?
You can leave any thoughts or feelings that you have about our screenings on our feedback forms which can usually be found at our ticket booth and on the tables in the foyer. Alternatively, you can always send feedback electronically via the Contact Us page of our website.