British Board of Film Classification Age Ratings

U - Universal - Suitable for all

A U film should be suitable for audiences aged four years and over, although it is impossible to predict what might upset any particular child. U films should be set within a positive framework and should offer reassuring counterbalances to any violence, threat or horror.

PG - Parental Guidance - General viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children

A PG film should not unsettle a child aged around eight or older. Unaccompanied children of any age may watch, but parents are advised to consider whether the content may upset younger or more sensitive children.

12A - Suitable for 12 years and over, unless accompanied by an adult

No one younger than 12 may see a 12A film in a cinema unless accompanied by an adult. Adults planning to take a child under 12 to view a 12A film should consider whether the film is suitable for that child. To help them decide, we recommend that they check the ratings info for the film in advance.

15 - Suitable only for 15 years and over

No one younger than 15 may see a 15 film in a cinema. A cinema may lose its licence if it admits children under 15 to a 15 rated film. No theme is prohibited at 15, provided the treatment is appropriate for 15 year olds. 15 films may contain strong language, violence, sex and drug misuse.

18 - Suitable only for 18 years and over

No one younger than 18 may see an 18 film in a cinema. A cinema may lose its licence if children under 18 are admitted to an 18 rated film.

The BBFC respects the right of adults to make their own viewing decisions, provided the material is legal and does not pose a significant risk of harm. 18 films may contain very strong content that might offend some adult viewers.

Not Yet rated

Films which have not yet been certified by the BBFC.